2016 unique wedding rings new - 2

2016 unique wedding rings new

Unique Wedding Rings

You don’t have to follow the tradition of buying either the gold or diamond wedding rings. There are different unique wedding rings ideas that you may choose from.

Choosing The Ring

You have to consider the material of the ring. There are different materials that you can choose ranging from stainless steel to titanium. You need to decide if you want your ring custom-made or readymade. Remember that the engagement ring will influence the type of wedding ring you choose. You have to determine the color and also the embellishments.

2015-unique-wedding-rings-new-2 2016 unique wedding rings new

Many people nowadays like to wear unique wedding rings, they do not settle with normal or usual designs. This ring here is an example of these rings; it has the usual diamond of course; but with a new style. There are beautiful engravings all over the ring, and the diamond is placed perfectly on them.

2015-unique-wedding-rings-new-3 2016 unique wedding rings new

Unique wedding rings are very popular these days;many couples ask to have a unique wedding ring that no one else had it before. That is why designers are doing everything they can to fulfill this demand. Diamond is still the king of wedding rings; the difference is how it is utilized.

2015-unique-wedding-rings-new-4 2016 unique wedding rings new

Some wedding rings come in pairs, like this wedding rings set we see in this image. The bride’s ring is a decorative design with diamonds all over it, while the groom’s ring has the same design; but in the form of engravings all over a big wide ring from the same material.

2015-unique-wedding-rings-new-5 2016 unique wedding rings new

This wedding ring consists of two pieces; each piece has half a heart and a diamond on it. When they are both combined and worn on the same finger, they form a beautiful heart shape. This is an example of how beautiful new designs are, and there are more like that if you look more.

2015-unique-wedding-rings-new-6 2016 unique wedding rings new

This ring here is a rather lovely one; it has decorations and added diamonds in a very stylish and classy way. The main diamond is surrounded with smaller diamonds, and there is a small wavy part on both sides if it. The overall look is just amazing, and the bride would be lucky to wear it.

2015-unique-wedding-rings-new-7 2016 unique wedding rings new

This cushion cut ring is just amazing; it has a blue spark whenever it is exposed to light. The ring’s body is formed in segments; each segment has a tiny diamond in the merging point with the next one. The whole ring is unique, and it has an amazing look and design.

2015-unique-wedding-rings-new-8 2016 unique wedding rings new

In this image, we see a simple yet unique weeding ring. It has a massive diamond on its center, which is surrounded with a circle of many other mini diamonds. The ring’s body is a circular round edged platinum one, and it goes as smooth and flat as a baby’s skin.


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